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Dief is lief Carry Slee

Dief is lief

Carry Slee

Published 2004
ISBN : 9789064941368
29 pages
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 About the Book 

Carolina Sophia (Carry) Slee (Amsterdam, July 1, 1949) is a Dutch childrens author. She also writes books for adults.Her books are based on teenagers, who have problems with their environment and are thus deeper into trouble. Or children who do not understand why mommy is acting so strangely, and where her big belly is suddenly coming from!For her first books were her own daughters a major source of inspiration. For Sorrow with mayonnaise she used a lot of stories where a daughter came home. The atmosphere in the classroom in the book was exactly in the class of the subsidiary. The nasty girl Simone Slee is based on a neighbor kid that her daughters thought was very annoying.As her daughters grew older, they often read the letters in the back page of the TV Guide. As she reads the letter from a boy who tells that his neighbor, who got bullied so badly, that she jumped in front of a train, Sled was so upside down of the story that she wrote the book Regret (1996). For this book she gets the prize of the Young Jury.